Perennial Plant Specialists

Open Monday - Saturday
10a.m. until 5.30p.m.

Highwood Perennial Nurseries has been established on this site for 30yrs +.
I took over in 2005 and my partner, Steve joined in 2013.
As with most horticulturalists we have a great passion for our plants and it is very much a way of life, not just a job for us.
As a result of the Gales earlier in the year, 50% of our "Bays" have collapsed and we have lost our Poly-Tunnel and our Shed Roof - resulting in the loss of cuttings, "parent " plants and SPACE. This in turn causes a huge problem as we can not start our Bedding Plants ( Alyssum, Antirrhinum, Begonia, Dahlia, Geraniums, Impatiens, Lobelia, Marigolds, Petunia, Salvia and Cosmos) - thus ours will not be available until early May. (Pansies and Sweet Williams are available as they are a little tougher and can tolerate the cold)
Fortunately our Greenhouse is in tact with a good selection of Basket plants ready to go! We also have a good selection of Veg. plants available;-
Artichokes, Aubergines, Cucumbers, Courgettes, Squash, Runner Beans, Broad Beans, Peas and Tomatos
We are strong on our Perennial, Alpine and Trees/Fruit Trees and Hedging selections currently.
The good weather is encouraging us into ours gardens early this year; even allowing for the challenges we are up against, there is a huge number of plants already available to tempt you, here!
Please bear with us whilst we attempt to get the rest of the nursery into ship-shape order - we hope to be "ready" by Easter.
We are back to **7 days a week** until end of June. We will be Closed Saturday 16th April only, over Easter - Friday, Sunday and Monday open as usual but 10am till 4pm opening hours.  *** Check our main board for changes as the huge hike in fuel may force us to curtail our opening times*****
The Web site has not been updated since Summer 2021; I will be working on this over the next few weeks. Please call us for updates - the Landline is finally working- thanks to the fantastic Open reach guys!!!!
To combat the escalating costs of living -(energy and transport significantly affecting horticulture) we are offering upto 10% off a £30+ spend and 20% off an £80+ spend - (rounded up to the nearest whole £1.) This is across the board on Alpines, Basket plants, Herbs and Perennials.
Looking forward to seeing you all again for the 2022 season.
Lynn and Steve

  • Highwood Nurseries, Main Road, Rookley, Isle of Wight. PO38 3NH. UK
  • We are situated at the North end of the village, opposite Rookley Post Office. The entrance is on the right, at the brow of the hill; so indicate and slow down as soon as you see the Rookley sign to your left. There is a green and red, tin chapel next door. If the gate's open, we are open! If you leave a message, we will contact you the following day. Thankyou. THERE IS A PLANT LISTING BELOW THIS CONTACT.

List as;-   Compost, Annual Basket Plants, Bedding Plants, Veg Plants, Fruit Bushes/Trees, Herbs, Perennials,  Alpines, Trees and Shrubs.


Sinclairs 60L General Purpose Compost                 £8.50      or      2   for   £15 

Ericaceous (Acid -  Rhodos/Camelias etc.)               £9          or     x  Ericaceous   +   1 x  Sinclairs G.P.   for   £15   

Veg Plants   £2       5   or more  @  £1.50


Beans Broad Bunyard's Exhibition   or    The Dwarf Sutton        x5

Bean Runner Streamline                   or     Enorma                         x6 

Bean French Climbing     Hunter                                                      x6                                                     

Cucumber Marketmore  or  Marketer              -  Ridged Cucumber      x2

Courgette Green Bush                                       -  Can be left to Develop into a Marrow

Pea Kelvedon Wonder  or  Oregon Sugar Snap                   x5

Pepper  Sweet                                                                               x1

Sweet Peas   Assorted                                                                x5    (@ £1.25  0r  5+ @  £1)

Tomato Cerise                                                   -  Small  Cherry

Tomato Gardener's Delight                             -  Large Cherry

Tomato Roma Plum                                         - Standard Size Red, Plum Tomato  

Tomato Moneymaker                                      -  Standard Red  

Tomato Golden Sunrise                                  -  Golden Yellow Standard Size with Firmer Flesh ideal for Salads 

Tomato Super Marmande                              -  Large Irregular Beefsteak. 

We do not grow root vegetables.

Alpines, Bedding, Basket Plants and Perennials upto:-   10% off on purchases over £30   (Rounded UpTo Nearest Whole No.)

                                                                                   upto:-    20%   "    "        "                   "        £80

Annual Basket Plants:-   9cm  Square  Pot  £2.25  /  £2.75** Vast Majority     10cm  Pot   £3           11cm "Trio" Pots   £5

All the plants @ Highwood are Grown on-site, thus you will find both mature plants and recently planted items available for sale. We can NOT absolutely guarantee colours as occasionally odd colours pop up in batches or the entire batch is incorrect. Await flowering if a colour scheme is essential.

Zonal( Bush) and Ivy Leaf (Trailing) Geraniums - Full colour range including Bi-colours.

Regal Geranium - All Bi-colours. Almost Black, Burgundy, Pink Bi, White Bi, Lavender Bi. £3

Scented Geranium Orange Fizz 

Variegated Geraniums - Frank Headley (Green and cream with Salmon Flr)  and  Occold Shield (Brze/Gold Leaf -Scarlet Flr)

Geranium Seed Raised:- Horizon Chocolate Leaf Mix (like Bull'seye) £1.25 / £2.25 or Sparkler Mix £2.25

Argyranthemum  Crazy Daisy Pink or Double White.

Bacopa - Trailing - Snowflake  £2.25,  

Bacopa:- Golden Snowflake, Megacopa White, Pink or Blue. 

Begonia Non-Stop: - Bush - Mocca (Bronze Leaf) Red or White.   Green Leaf Fire, Citrus Mix or Rose Picotee.

Begonia Illumination Trailing:-  Scarlet, Salmon Pink, Apricot shades or Golden Picotee. 

Begonia Majestic Mixed - "Side Plate" sized blooms. £3

Begonia Boliviensis - Semi /Trailing -Starshine Mixed.  

Bidens Trailing/Semi-Trailing:- Hot Red/Yellow, Golden Eye (Cream into a  Golden Yellow centre)

Calibrachoa Trailing;-  Tik Tok Crystal, 

Calibrachoa Trailing  Doubles:-  Wine, Red, Blue, Lavtastic £2.75  Pinktastic, Orangetastic, Yellow £3

Cosmos Sonata Mix  -  White, Pinks and Violet.  x4 per pot  =  2L Pots @ £4.50

Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball - 30cm - Wide Red Halo on a Yellow Petal.   Not emerged as yet! £3

Dahlia Shiva - 60cm - Apricot with a Deep Orange Halo  or Dahlia Yogi - 60cm - Rose Pink with Deep Violet Striation. A/A

Dianthus (Pinks). Beetle Plum, Allura Hot Pink, Violet and Orange.

Dichondra Silver Falls -  Heavy Trailing!.

Euphorbia euphoria £3 - Due April

Fuchsia Bush:- Winston Churchill

Fuchsia Bush Hardy:- Army Nurse,  Beacon,  Delta Sarah,  Garden News,  Hawkshead,  Tom West

Fuchsia Semi Trailing Giants:- Purple and White

Fuchsia Trailing:- Blue Sarah, La campanella, Harry Grey, Pink Galore.

Isotoma (a.k.a. Laurentiana) 'Fizz n Pop'  Pink or Purple

Lobelia Richardii - Trailing Sky Blue  (The Best in my opinion) £2.25 

Lobelia Waterfall - Trailing:- Blue -Dark, Blue Ice (Dp Blue + White Eye) or  White Sparkle (Inc's an occassional tiny blue splash). 

Lophospermum Burgundy Wine - Heavy Trailing. Thinkk 50p shape leaves with smal tubular bells along the length. £3

Lysimachia Midnight Sun Trailing - Bronze Foliage/Golden Flowers

Lysimachia Aurea -Trailing. £2.25

Nemesia Easter Bonnnet - Tricolour - Lavender + Yellow Hues + Pink Eye with a strong, sweet scent, 

Nemesia Wisley Vanilla - Heady Vanilla Scent

Nemesia Plums and Custard - Dark Purple + Yellow - Light scent   

Nepeta Grammilocks - Variegated Green and White Trailing Foliage.  £2.25

Osteospermum 3D Doubles:-  Violet Ice (White + Blush Violet Eye),  Blueberry Shake ( White Petals with Pink Tips + Purple Eye), Pink - Deep Rose Pink with Mauve Eye.

Osteospermum Singles Mixed:- Berries and Cream (Whites, Pinks, Purples) or Sunset Shades (Reds, Oranges, Yellows) £2.25

Petchoa's - All the advantages of Calibrachoas (Non-sticky, Good Weatherability, Drier Tolerance) with the Impact of Surfinia Type Petunias. Trailing - Supercal Terracota

Petunia Trailing:- Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts  - Cream with Fuchsia Pink Blocks forming "Heart" shapes on petals. £3

Petunia Semi-Trailing "Skys:-" (a.k.a. Constellations)  - Lightening Sky - Burgundy,  Nightsky  - Dark Blue,  Glacier Sky- Purple or Circus Sky (aka Babydoll) - Bubblegum Pink. All with varying levels of white splashes, splodges or blocks. £3

Petunia Mounding - Fiona Flash- 2 Tone Velvet Red,  Miss Marvellous -2 Tone Deep Purple and Dusky Pink, Johnny Flame - 2 Tone Burgundy and Wine - almost black.  £3

Petunia Tumbelina Doubles:- Diana White,   Priscilla Dark Lavender Veined and Scented,  Raphaella Soft Pink,  Sophia Lav/Sky Blue  £2.75  or  Superstar - Cream Rimmed Violet.  £3

Surfinia Petunia Trailing:- Dark Red, Giant Purple or Blue vein £2.75  Sky Blue £3

Scaevola aemura:- Pink, White or Lavender £2.75.  Trio £5

Satureja  -  Indian Mint  - Heavily Trailing, Mint Scented, Dark Green foliage Plants with Insignificant White Flowers.

Verbena Trailing:- Lascar White,  Lascar Black Velvet, Lascar Dp Red + Eye, Voodoo Red Star, Beebop Lavender or Pink £3

Viola Trios:- 3 Plants per pot - 3 Colour Combos £1.25pp or 5+ @ £1 - Mix and Match with Geranium Horizon @ £1.25. 

Bedding Plants:-   All Delayed due to the loss of our Poly Tunnel - Available in May? - May sell as plugs? Please enquire

Geranium Palladium  Mix                       x 5    

Antirrhinum Select or Bicolour Mix        x6

Alyssum Easter Bonnet Mix                   x12

Bronze  Devil Delight Mix                       x6

Dahlia Green Leaf  Figaro or Bronze Leaf Diablo                   x6 / x5 Respectively 

Gazania Xp Mix                                        x6

Impatiens (Busy Lizzies) Desire Mix,  *Beacon* Mix              x8/ x7/  * Larger Plant/Flower  

Lobelia Crystal Palce                             x12  Dark Blue Bush

Lobelia Trailing:- Regatta Mixed,  Sapphire Dark Blue      x12

Marigold Durango or Bonanza         x6        Single or Double Flower Mixes - Ideal to plant with Veg Plants to deter aphids

Mimulus Magic Bicolour Mix                x6

Petunia Moonshine Mix                         x9   Mix of Violet, Lavender and Primrose Yellow.

Pansy XP Spring/summer Mix             x8

Salvia Vanguard Red                            x9 

FRUIT BUSHES:-          3L   Pots     =   £5.75  Black   /  £7.50  Tan   /  £9.25  Green or Fawn

Blackberry- Morton or Waldo Thornless, Loch Ness, Ouachita, Bedford Giant and Darts Black Cascade

Blueberry - Jumbo, Patriot, Blue Crop and Legacy

Currants - Black - Ben Conan and Wellington,  Redcurrant and Whitecurrant

Cranberry   - Low Stocks

Grape Vines - Green, Red or Black

Gooseberry;  Green- Invicta, Red- Hinnonmaki and Yellow - Hinnonmaki  (Less tart than Green Gooseberries) 



Mulberry - Morus Nigra

Raspberry;- Glen Dee, Autumn Bliss, Malling Admiral, Cascade Delight and Polka

Rhubarb -  Champagne and Victoria  £2.75 - small at present (April)

Strawberry Albion, Ensanta (Pink Flrs), Honeoye, Polka   2L Pots   @  £4.50

Tayberry  (Sweeter than Loganberry)

FRUIT TREES;-     £10   - £22.50

Apricot Tros

Apple Red or Gold Spur Dwarf (1m) 

Apple Bramley,   Sunset,   

Cherry Morello or Dwarf Kordia Patio 

Cherry Dwarf (1m)

Damson Merryweather 

Ficus - Fig- Brown Turkey  

Peach Pygmy in a Decorative pot £22.50

Pear Duo - Conference and Louise Bonne de Jersey ( Cross Pollinators) £20

Pear Dwarf (1m)

Plum Victoria  £15

Plum Dwarf (1m)

Plum Duo = Marjorie's Seedling/Cambridge Greegage £20

Prunus Myrobalan - Cherry Plum £4.50

HERBS:-             £3.75   x  11/2L  Pots             £4.50  x 2L Pots        (Perennial only)

Fennel Commom or Bronze  2L

Feverfew  11/2L   

French Tarragon  2L

Helichrysum Italicum Dwarf  2L (Curry Plant)

Hyssopus - Pink 2L

Lemon Vebena  2L  (Aloisya citrodina)

Mace 2L

Majoram 11/2L

Mint Spearmint, Pepper, Eau de Cologne, Ginger (Variegated) 2L

Oregano Common,  Hot 'n' Spicy or Variegated 11/2L

Rosemary Officionalis  2L

Sage Commom, Purple or Tricolour 2L

Thyme Silver Posie, Citrodina Golden Queen or Lemon Variegated 11/2L

PERENNIALS:-      £3.75  -  £9.25     (  Majority  =  2L Pots  @  £4.50  or  3L  Black Pots  @ £5.75 

We reserve the right to change the pot size/cost without notice.  Unless stated only the pot size and price listed is available.

Aconitum:-Napellus  Album  £4.50 or Royal flush £5.75

Asters:- N.B. Sarah, Marie, Patricia Ballard and Purple Dome; Little Carlow: N.A. Alma Potschke, Sky Slue: Ageratoides Ashvi;   All 3L Black @ £5.75

Agapanthus Africanus White, Blue  £4.50   A. Purple Cloud 3L Tan £7.50.

Alchemilla Erythropoda. £4.50

Actea - see Cimcifuga

Astrantia Major, Maxima, and Major Rubra; plus assorted lost labels.

Alstromeria Inca:- Vito, Sundance, Goal, Sweety.  3L Black @ £5.75  A. Indian Summer 3L Green/Taupe @ £9.25 and Sweet Laura  3L Tan @ £7.50

Anemone:- Huphensis Whirlwind, Honorine Jorbert, Andrea Atkinson, Queen Charlotte (Konign Charlotte) and. Praecox £7.50

Aquilegia:- vulgaris Swan Mix, Blue/White, Red/White, Yellow/Pink, Green Apples. 1 1/2L Green or 2L @£4.50

Aquilegia:- Blk Barlow, Bordeaux Barlow  and Christa Barlow £4 .50

Aeonium Schwarkopf. £4.50 or Aloe Vera. £4.50

Bergenia Cordifolia   £4.50  Overture, Bressingham  or Alba.  £5.75

Brunnera Looking Glass and Morse. 3L tan @ £7.50 or Green @ £9.25

Cannas -Black Knight, Durban  @ £7.50

Campanula:- Punctata Sarastro, ; Latifolia  Lodden Anna/ Pritchard's Variety;  Persicifolia Blue or White

Punctata Wedding Day or Pink Chimes,  Pyramidalis. £4.50

Centuarea:- Breeders Mix, Dealbata or Montana, or Montana Alba. £4.50

Coreopsis:- American Dream.  £4.50  Coreopsis Lanceolata Sterntaler £3.75

Cimcifuga (actea) Racemosa  @ £5.75, Black Negligee  @£7.50

Centranthus Rubra Pretty Betsy  £4.50

Delphiniums:- Black Knight, King Arthur, Astolat, Galahad, Summer Skies and Guardian Blue, white or Lavender £4.50

Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball or Ice. Shiva or Yogi  £3 

Dicentra:-  Luxuriant,  Spectablis,  Spectablis  Alba £5.75  Dicentra Valentine £7.50

Digitalis Excelsior Hybrids, Dalmatian Peach,  Purpurea alba, or Helen of Troy - £4.50

Dianella Tas Red  ( Think Red Flushed Phormium Stem with Clusters of Tiny Intense Violet Berry-Like Flrs- Vigorous) £5.75 or £10

Dianthus Doris - Salmon, Haytor - White,  Valentine - Deep Red,  Gran's Favourite - Blush with Purple rings or Devon Wizrad - Purple £4.50

Eremurus (Foxtail Lily) Cleopatra Orange £7.50 or Ruiters Hybrids Mix. £9.25

Echeveria Imbricata Glauca, Topsy Turvy £4.50. Not ready for sale

Echinacea Pupurea:-  Cheyenne Spirit Mix,  Doppel Ganger -  (2 x Pink heads),  Mellow Yellows,  Green Twister,  Magnus Superior or  Lucky Star - (White)  =  £4.50

Echinacea:-  Milkshake,  Marmalade  £7.50

Euphorbia:- Mellifera  or Martinii  £5.75, Polychroma  Purpurea , Wulfenii, Robbiae or  Ascot Rainbow £4.50

Erigeron Glauca Sea Breeze Lilac (Sold Out) or Pink. £3.75 

Erigeron Speciosa Pink Jewels or Azure Fairy Blue £4.50

Erysimum:- Bowles Mauve,  Variegata or Spring Breeze Copper £4.50

Eryngium:-  Blue Hobbit or Planum £4.50  Neptune's Gold £5.75 , Jade Frost (Tricolour Mint Green/Pink/Cream Foliage) £7.50

Filipendula Venusta  - (Large Bronzed Maple-Like Leaf with erect stems bearing Fat, Fluffy, Pink flower Spikes.)  £5.75

Grasses:-  Buchananii, Stipa Tenuissima - Pony Tails,  Stipa Arundinacea - Pheasant grass or Pampas Grass pink  =  £4.50

Gaillardia Mesa Bi-colour £4.50

Geraniums:- Johnsons Blue, Patricia, Anne Folkard, Fay Anna (Bronzed Foliage), Blue Blood, Tiny Monster,  £5.75;  

Rozanne, Pink Penny (Pink Rozanne!),  Cloud 9 or  Plenum  £7.50

Geraniums:- Tess; Rosemoor. Versicolour £4.50   

Gaura:- Whisper White, or Variegated. £4.50

Gem Koi, Geum Blazing Sunset; £4.50  G. Mrs Bradshaw and Lady Stratheden  £3.75 

Helenium:- Salud Embers, Helenium Red Shades or Moorheim Beauty. £4.50

Heucheras:- Forever Purple, Yellowstone Falls - Poor, Redstone Falls - Poor, Cutie in Lime, Can Can, Cherry Cola, Venus, Green Spice, Silver Gumdrops, Lime Marmalade  or Black Pearl. £5.75  Marmalade, Ginger Spice, Forever Red due June

Heuchera:- Neptune, Palace Purple or Dales strain. £4.50

Heliopsis:-  Bleeding Heart ( May be dead!) or Burning Hearts - Not ready for sale. £4.50

Incarvillea Delavayi Pink or Alba -White. £4.50

Iliama. - Think Delph Leaf meets Campanula Flower - Lilac £4.50

Kniphofia:-  Uvaria Royal Castles or Flamenco Mix £4.50 

Lupin Russell Chandelier- Yellow, Chatelaine - Pink,  Noble Maiden - White, The Governor - Blue, The Pages - Cerise/ Red and My Castle - Brick Red. £4.50 or £5.75

Lathyrus Vernus - Everlasting Sweet Pea  £4.50

Lavender Angustifolia:- Hidcote,  Munstead,  Rosea,  Ellegance White, Meerlo Variegated or  Imperial Gem (Dp. Purple).  £4.50

Lobelia Starship:- Blue,  Burgundy,  Dp Rose,  Bronze - Scarlet  or  Queen Victoria  £4.50

Lychnis Vesuvius and Coronaria   £4.50

Leucanthemum ( Hardy Garden chrysanthemum) :- Bananas and Cream and Crazy Daisy Superbum, Oxeye Daisy - Leucanthemum Vulgaris. £4.50

Macleaya Cordata - Plume Poppy. - Think Large, Buff Poppy Leaves meet pampas Feather - 6-8'. £5.75 

Malva Moschato  Rosea. £4.50 (Think upright 3' Lavatera)

Mathiosella Bupleroides Green Dream.- Think Angelica leaf  meets Euphorbia Flower £5.75 

Melitis Royal Distinction.  "Bastard" balm with honey notes. £9.25

Monarda Cambridge Scarlet and Croftway Pink £4.50

Mukdenia Karasouba £4.50

Nepeta:- Catararia - Catnip, Racemosa Six Hill's Giant,   Nervosa Blue Moon and Pink Cat (no signs of life yet) £4.50

Osteospermum Hardy:- Lady Leitrim, Senen Sunrise- poor, Juncundum compactum or Tresco Purple. £4.50

Papaver:- Orientale Mixed or Beauty of Livermere. £4.50

Paeonia:- Mixed or Lactiflora Pink £7.50   Lactiflora Red, L. White or Sebatian Maas.  £9.25.   

Physallis Franchetti Gigantea £4.50

Phlox Paniclata Assorted inc David - pure White; Red, Blue, Grenadine Dream and Franz Schubert. £4.50

Polygonatum Humile or Multiflora £4.50 or  Varifolium. £5.75

Primula Beesiana; Japonicas Ass inc Appleblossom, Moreanna £4.50   P. Viallii and Auricula Mix  £3.75  

Penstemons:- Snow Storm - White, Heavenly Blue,  Burgundy / Blackbird,  Hidcote Pink,  Appleblossom,  Catherine de la Mer- Lavender/Pink bi-colour, Firebird - Red and Dakota Burgundy - Bronze leaf/ Pink Flowers. £4.50

Pulmonaria Trevi Fountains and Shrimps on the Barbie £5.75

Potentilla:-, Miss Willmott - Raspberry + Red Eye and Monarch's Velvet - Blood Red -£4.50

Pulsatilla Vulgaris  Red, Purple or White  £3.75

Oenothera Siskyou Pink or Oenothera Primrose Yellow £4.50  

Ophiopogon Nigrescens - Lily turf - aka - Black grass £4.50                         

Rodgersia Chocolate Wings £7 Not emerged

Rudbeckia:- Goldstrum £4.50   R. Herbstone  £5.75  or  Little Goldstar £7.50 

Scabious:- Mariposa Blue £4.50 or Incisa White £5.75 

Salvia Greggii:-  Hot lips, Icing Sugar, Amethyst Lips, Cherry Lips, Peach Cobbler, Phyllis Fancy (lavender and white fluffy flrs) or Royal Red; Macrophylla Blackcurrant Sage £4.50

Salvia:- Amistaad - Dp Purple,  Amigo-Violet/Pink,  Amante Red/orange or Animo- Blue/Black.  All Amistaad types. £4.50

Salvia Nemerosa Blue or Rose Queen £3.75

Salvia Guaranica Black and Blue  or  Uglinosa Sky High Blue- 6'. £5.75

Sedum Paniculata:- Herbstfreude - Autumn joy, Matrona or Munstead Red £4.50

Sinocrassula £4.50 Not Ready for sale.

Smilacina Racemosa - Thimk Huge Convallaria Leaf with Open Ivory Astilbe-like Flowers £5.75

Stachys Lanata £3.75

Stokesia Blue Star. £4.50

Tiarella:- Pink Sky Rocket or  Appalachian Trails - Poor  £5.75

Teucrium Chaemadrys - Germander or  Hiercanium (Stunning tall, textured leaf version)  £3.75

Tradescantia  X Andersonniana:- Gold 'n' Blue, Purple, Ocean Sky blue, Osprey  £4.50

Uvularia Flavum Glaucum - Yellow Fairy Bells.  £4.50

Veronicastrum  Adoration £7.50 or Fascination £9.25

Verbascum Blatts White and Chaixii 16 Candles - Yellow. £4.50

Verbena Bonariensis, Santos. £4.50

Zantedeschia - Calla Lily -  Aethiopa, £4.50

ALPINES:-      1L POTS       £2.75  

Aethionema Grandiflora

Aubretia Katie - Purple Blue, Red  or Mixed

Arenaria:  Montana Avalanche or  Pupurescens

Armeria:- Splendens Dp Rose, Alba or  Pink Blush 

Arabis Coburgii Variegata - White Flr, Coburgii Alba - Think Mounding white Aubretia!

Campanula Clips Blue or White; Muralis - Creeping Blue,  Dickson's Gold or (Pinkins - 1.5l Pot @£3).

Cerastium - Snow in Summer 

Delosperma  Congestum - Yellow

Dracocephalum Blue or White.

Erigeron Karvinskianos Profusion. 

Erodium Bishops's Form -Pink or White, E. Flore Pleno - Double Rose

Gypsophila Ageratoides - Spreading White

Helianthemum , Fireball - Blood Red,   The Bride - White + Yellow Eye,  Wisley Primrose Double, Rose Double and Ben Mohr Orange 

Iberis - Candytuft:-- Sempervirens or Golden Candy.

Lampranthus Red, Orange, Purple, Pink or White/Yellow

Leontopodium - Eidelweiss - Matterhorn.

Mazus Reptans Alba

Geranium:- Nigrescens- Bronze Foliage/white flr or  Incana - Violet - look dead! 

Parahebe Porlock

Pratia:- Pendunculata White; Country Park Blue

Penstemon Mersea yellow.

Primrose:- Vulgaris - SOLD OU or Hall Barn Blue.

Phlox Subulata Alba £3.75,  Emerald Cushion £3.75,  Candy Stripe £3.75  Douglasii Red Admiral and Subulata Red Wings £2.75

Sempervivums assorted.

Saponaria Occymoides  (Tumbling Ted) - Pink or White

Scabiosa Ritz Blue or Pink Dome

Sedum Coccineum, Tricolour, Kamschaticum/Variegata, Selskianum , Choco Balls, Sea Stars. Spathufolium Purpureum or Cappa Blanca, Seiboldii/S. variegata

Saxifraga Mossy Red Shades or Mossy White, Whitehall, Cuniefolia Variegata, Urbium - London Pride.

Silene Druett's Variegated (foliage) - White Flr.

Teucrium Chaemadrys - Germander £3.75

Veronica Prostrata Delft Blue, Purple Haze,  £2.75 Georgina Blue £3.75

Vinca Minor: V. Minor Variegata

SHRUBS:-    £4 - £10

Brachyglotis - Senecio - Silver Doormouse £4

Buddleia Davidii - Assorted £5.50

Buddleia Buzz - Dwarf Fuchsia Pink, Violet Or Mix £8.50

Camelia Red £8.50

Cistus Purpurea £4

Convolvulus Cneoreum  £4

Cytissus Hollandia - Red/Ivory Broom £7

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety Or Emerald and Gold  £4

Leucothoe Scarletta £5.50 SOLD OUT

Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream  £10

Rhododendron Moorheim £7

Sarcococca Confusa £8.50

Viburnum Tinus  £4

 HEDGING / TREES       Fr: £4.50    -    £20

Rosa Rugosa Red, Pink or White £4.50

Rosa Rubignosa - Sweet Briar Rose £4.50

Rosa Canina - Dog Rose £4.50

Rosa H £7.50

Amelanchier Lanarkii  £7 SOLD OUT

Beech -Fagus Sylvatica - Common Green beech F. Syl. Atropurpurea - Purple Beech

Birch - Betula Pendula - Silver Birch £5.75,   B. Jaquemontii - Himalayan White Birch;  B. Youngii- Weeping Birch £20  

Berberis Atropurpurea  £4.50

Blackthorn - Prunus Spinossus 

Chestnut -Aesculus Hippocastenum -  Horse Chestnut 

Cornus - Dogwood:- Ellegantissima- Silver Dogwood , Spaethii  - Golden Variegated , Flaviramea - Yellow Dogwood , Midwinter Fire - Orange, Nigra - Black Dogwood 

Elder - Sambucus Nigra - Common - , S. Nigra Aurea - Golden Elder - or S. Nigra Black Beauty 

Euonymus Europaea - Spindleberry £7.50

Forsythia Intermeadia or Dwarf £7.50

Gingko Biloba £10

Guelder Rose - Viburnum Opulus Roseum £5.75

Hydrangea Red Baron £4.50 

Hawthorn (Maythorn/Quickthorn) - Crataegus Monogyna £4.50

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betula) £7.50

Lilac- Syringa Vulgaris £4.50 - £10

Laurel Common - Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia £7.50,  Bay Laurel  £4.50 or P. Variegata £5.75

Liquidamber Styraciflua £20

Oak - Quercus Robur -English Oak  £5.75 - £10

Photinia Red Robin - £9.25

Rowan Aucuparia - Mountain Ash £5.75

Robinia Pseudoacacia - False acacia £10

Salix Tristis -Weeping Willow. Salix vulgaris- Common Willow. Salix Integra Nishiki Hakura - Flamingo Willow.

Tamarix Tetrandra - Poor.

Viburnum Lantana - Wayfarer Tree £10 / £15

Corylus Avellena - Hazel £4.50 or £5.75

Corylus Purpurea £7.50

Juglans Reglia - Walnut £15