Plant Listings and Price Guide

List as;- Veg Plants, Perennials, Alpines, Basket Plants, Trees and Shrubs, Fruit

Veg Plants    £1.50      4   or more   £1. 25  each

Tomato Alicante                       - Standard Red

Tomato Supermarmande     -    Beefsteak

Tomato Roma                         -    Regular  Plum - for Sauces.

Tomato Tiny Tim                    -    Basket Cherry x1 left

Tomato Tigerella                    -    Good flavoured,  Regular Tom with Green Stripes! - Great in Salads for flavour and colour.

Tomato Golden crown           -   Standard sized, Golden yellow.

Pepper - Tequilla     (£2)           - Sweet Bell Pepper,  maturing from Lilac to Orange! - Avail

Broad Beans - Bunyard's Exhibition x3 

We do not grow root vegetables.

PERENNIALS:-        fr:  £3   -  £8.50      (  Majority  =  2L Pots  @  £4   or     3L  Black Pots  @ £5.50)             MULTI-BUY   OFFERS    APPLY!

Aconitum Napellus  £4, N. Album  £5.50

Asters:- N.B. Sarah, Marie, Patricia Ballard and Purple Dome; Little Carlow: N.A. Alma Potschke, Sky Slue: Ageratoides Ashvi;  Monch possibly avail Autumn. All 3L Black @ £5.50

Agapanthus Africanus White, Blue  and  Headborne Hybrids. 3L Black @ £5.50 or A. Purple Cloud 3L Tan £7

Alliums assorted £4 or £5.50

Actea - see Cimcifuga

Astrantia Major and Maxima, plus assorted lost labels. 3L Black @ £5.50 or 3L tan @£7

Alstromeria Inca:- Vito, Sundance, Goal, Sweety.  3L Black @ £5.50  A. Indian Summer 3L Green @ £8.50 and Sweet Laura  3L Tan @ £7

Anemone huphensis Whirlwind, Honorine Jorbert, Andrea Atkinson, Queen Charlotte (Konign Charlotte) and. Praecox £7.

Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Mix, Blue/White, Red/White, Yellow/Pink, Green Apples. 1 1/2L Green or 2L @£4

Aeonium Schwarkopf. £4

Aloe Vera. £4

Asphodeline Alba £4

Bergenia Cordifolia, Overture, Bressingham Alba.  3L Black

Brunnera Looking Glass and Morse. 3L tan @ £7 or Green @ £8.50

Cannas - Madama Angele Martim  or Semaphore @ £7 or  Tropicana, Tropicana Gold or Tropicana Black @£8.50

Campanula:- Punctata Sarastro, ; Latifolia  Lodden Anna;  Persicifolia Blue or White Bells: £4  Pyramidalis. £5.50

Cephalaria - Limited £5.50

Convolvulus Cneoreum £4

Centuarea Breeders Mix,; Montana Alba. £4

Coreopsis American Dream. Coreopsis Uptick Bronze and Gold £4

Cimcifuga (actea) Racemosa  @ £5.50, Black Negligee  @£7.

Delphs -limited £4

Dahlia Blue Boy - Lav Blue; Eveline - White with Dp Rose Eye; Rc Ryan - Burgundy/White Flares: Deep Orange Dinner Plate- not emerged - Spartan -name?; £4

Dahlia Bronze Leaf:- Bishop of Llandaff - Red with a Gold Eye; + Happy Series:-  Peach, White or Pink. £4

Dicentra Spectablis, S. Alba £5.50

Digitalis Dalmatian Peach, Purple or White. £4

Dianella Tas Red £5.50 or £10

Dianthus Doris - Salmon, Haytor - White, Valentine - deep Red - first one to flower is white with a violet ring, ? Burgundy/White Bi-Colour. £4

Eremurus (Foxtail Lily) Cleopatra @£8.50 or Ruiters Hybrids. @£5.50

Echeveria £4

Echinacea Pupurea,  Cheyenne Spirit mix, £4; Marmalade @ £8.50, Milkshake, Hot papaya( poor) £7

Euphorbia Mellifera, Polychroma £4

Erigeron Glauca Sea Breeze Lilac.£3

Eryngium Neptune's Gold £5.50 , E. Planum ' £4.

Fennnel Common, Bronze. £4

Fuchsia Macrophylla, Ricartonii, Purple Mountain; 

Grasses, Imperata Red baron , Carex Blue zinger, Stipa Tenuissima-  Pony  tails £4

Gladioli Tall Mix £5.50

Geranium Johnsons Blue, Patricia, Anne Folkard, Fay Anna, Blue Blood, Tiny Monster,  £5.50; Rozanne, Plenum  £7;  Tess; Rosemoor. £4

Gaura The Bride, RosyJayne, Variegated. £4

Gem Koi,; Geum Blazing Sunset; £4

Gunnera Mannicata. £5.50

Helenium Moorheim; Autumnale Red Shades. £4

Heuchera Forever Purple, Yellowstone Falls, Redstone Falls, Cutie in Lime, Can Can, Cherry Cola, Neptune, Venus, Green Spice, Amethyst, Solar Eclipse, Marmalade. £5.50

Incarvillea Delavayi Pink or Alba -White. £4

Iliama. - Think Delph Leaf meets Campanula Flower - Lilac £4

Iris Germanica Pumpkin Cheesecake; Orange Chariot: Mission Ridge; Figge; Immortality and Frappe; , Louisiana assorted, Varigated.£5.50

Kniphofia Uvaria, Orange Popsicle; Papaya Popsicle. £4; Caulescens John May's Form £5.50

Lupin Russell Chandelier- Yellow, Chatelaine - Pink, Noble Maiden - White, The Governor - Blue, The Pages - Red. £5.50 - Low Stock Levels

Lavatera lost labels, Rosea, Burgundy Wine or Barnsley baby - almost sold out. £5.50

Lilies Orientale Pink, White, Red, Everest - White  £4

Lathyrus Vernus - Everlasting Sweet Pea  £4

Macleaya Cordata - Plume Poppy. - Think Large, Buff Poppy Leaves meet pampas Feather - 6-8'. £5.50 

Mathiosella Bupleroides Green Dream.- Think Angelica leaf  meets Euphorbia Flower £5.50 

Mint Spearmint, Gingermint, Eau de Cologne £4

Melitis Royal Distinction. £8.50

Meconopsis Betonicifolia Lingholme - Himalayan Blue Poppy.£8.50

Mukdenia Karasouba £4

Nepeta Catararia - Catnip, Racemosa, Six Hills Giant. £4

Papaver Orientale Mixed, Papaver Tango - think eschscholtzia - Californian poppy - taller, bluer leaf. £4

Physallis Franchetti Gigantea £4

Phlox Paniclata Assorted inc David - pure White;  Grenadine Dream and Franz Schubert. £4

Polygonatum Humile £4;  Varifolium. £5.50

Primula Beesiana; Japonicas Ass inc Millers Crimson £4

Penstemon, Electric Blue,  few lost labels £4      

Oenothera Siskyou Pink or Oenothera Primrose Yellow £4  

Ophiopogon Nigrescens - Lily turf - aka - Black grass £4                         

Oregano (Majoram) Aureum; Hot and Spicy or Variegated.£4

Osteospermum  (Hardy) -  Tresco Purple, Lady Leitrim - White with Pink Blush / Eye. £4

Osteospermum (Half Hardy) - See Listing under basket and Container Plants - Colours white, yellow, oranges, pinks, purples, reds.£2.50

Rodgersia Chocolate Wings £7

Scabious Fama Blue - Sold Out

Sage Purpurea, Tricolour, Icterina £4

Salvia Gregii Trebah White, Hot Lips, NEW Cherry Lips - Dk Cherry and White Bi-colour, Primrose Yelllow + Pink eye,   NEW: Amethyst Lips-  Violet and White bi-colour; 

Salvia Macrophylla Blackcurrant Sage; Salvia Love and Wishes, Embers Wish, Wendy's Wish; Patens Gaunajato-  Deep Electric Blue; £4

Salvia  Guaranica Black and Blue:  Amistaad;  Uglinosa Sky High Blue- 6'. £5.50 

Sedum Herbstfreude - Autumn joy. £4

Silene Sparkling Rose £5.50

Thalictrum Rochebrianum, Flavum Glaucum. £5.50

Thyme Golden Queen, Citrodina, Silver Posie, £4

Uvularia Flavum Glaucum - Yellow Fairy Bells .£4

Veronica  Moody Blue. £4

Veronicastrum  Adoration £7

Watsonia Meriana, Pyramidalis Peach Melba. £4

Zantedeschia - Calla Lily -  Aethiopa, Morning Sun, Cantor, Flame - Scarlet + Yellow Flecks, Picasso - Purple/Ivory. £5.50

ALPINES:-      1L POTS       £2.50  -  10  or more  £2 each

Aethionema Grandiflora

Aubretia Katie - Purple Blue, Variegata.

Arenaria Montana; Pupurescens

Armeria Splendens Dp Rose,  S. Alba and S. Pink Blush

Arabis Coburgii Variegata - White Flr, Coburgii Alba - Think Mounding white Aubretia!

Campanula Clips Blue or White; Dickson's Gold or (Pinkins - 1.5l Pot @£3).

Delosperma J.o.D. Garnet or Rosequartz, Cooperii, Sutherlandii, Congestum

Dracocephalum Blue or White.

Erigeron Karvinskianos Profusion.

Erodium Bishops's Form -Pink or White, E. Flore Pleno - Double Rose

Gypsophila Ageratoides - Spreading White

Iberis - Candytuft- Sempervirens, S. Golden Candy.

Lampranthus Red, Orange, Purple, Pink or White/Yellow

Leontopodium - Eidelweiss - Matterhorn.

Mazus Reptans Alba

Geranium Nigrescens- Bronze Foliage/white flr; Ger. Incana - violet.

Pratia Pendunculata White; Country Park Blue

Penstemon Mersea yellow.

Primrose Vulgaris, V. Hall Barn Blue.

Phlox Subulata Alba£3,  Emerald Cushion £3, Red Wings, Candy Stripe £3. Douglasii Red Admiral.

Primula Vulgaris and Hall Barn Blue

Saponaria Occymoides  (Tumbling Ted) - Pink or White

Scabiosa Ritz Blue or Pink Dome

Sedum Coccineum, Tricolour, Kamschaticum/Variegata, Cappa Blanca, Choco Balls, Sea Stars

Saxifraga Mossy Red Shades or Mossy White, Whitehall, Cuniefolia Variegata, Urbium - London Pride.

Silene Schafta - Pink; Druett's Variegated (foliage) - White Flr.

Teucrium Chaemadrys

Veronica Prostrata Delft Blue, Purple Haze, Georgina Blue

Vinca Minor: V. Minor Variegata

BASKET  +  CONTAINER  PLANTS         (Majority  =  9cm Pots  @  £2.50      Any 10 or more  =  £2 each)         *Denotes  10cm Pots  @  £3 

Bidens *El-Doro - Large Deep Yellow See pics under Lysimachia x2 left

Begonia Illumination/Super Cascade - Trailing :- Peach Picotee, Bicolour Pink or Scarlet . 

Begonia *Boliviensis Semi-Trailing Orange, White or Yellow - stunning in baskets and containers as these are large plants - 3 would fill a 14" container!

Begonia Non-Stop Mocca Scarlet or  Citrus Mix;  *Scented Red, Yellow or White;  Majestic *Peach Shades - huge 20cm flower heads

Diascia Fuchsia Pink, Orange 

Dianthus Dinamic, White

Dicondra Emerald Falls

Fuchsia Giant Semi Trailing Mixed - £2.50.  

Geraniums (Pelargoniums). Zonals - Bush - Reds - low stocks,  Orange, Salmons, All Shades of Pink inc  3 x Bi-Cols, Lavender, Violet, Burgundy.  See Pics.

*Geranium Regals:-   Mandarin Orange,  

*Geranium Scented:  Orange Fizz, 

*Geranium Variegated;- Frank Headley, Carolina Schmidt, Wilhelm LLanguth, Occold Shield, Vancouver Centennial.

 Geranium Ivy Leaf - Semi Trailing.  ( Zonal /Ivy X) Marcada Orange, Cassiopeia Wine Red.

We have a full range of Ivy Leaf, trailing  Geranium colours - woody stemmed over-wintered - if you wish- ask for details. 50p

*Geranium Novelty:- Antik "Climbing" Geraniums Orange;   Summer Twist (Scalloped Leaf + Exploded Petals!) Red, .  *Calliope Wine Red - LARGE!

Geranium Quantum Mix - heavily zoned and scalloped leaf with exploded flower petals @ £2   or 10+ @ £1.50

Geranium Bull's Eye Mix - Big "Chocolate eye" on each leaf -  @  £2 or  10+  @ £1.50. Can be Mixed with Quantum above.

Isotoma Fizz n Pop Purple - aka Laurentiana   - Low STocks

 L. Richardii - see below 

Lysimachia Aurea, Midnight Sun and Sunset

Osteo Single:- Soleo Deep Red;  Flower Power Purple Sun, *FP Compact Blue or *White;  Special Fire,  Akila  Berries and Cream Mix - Pastels, Sunset Shades Mix - Hot, 

Single Special Fire

SHRUBS / HEDGING / TREES       Fr: £4    -    £15

Amelanchier Lanarkii  £7

Convolvulus  Cneoreum  £4

Brachyglotis - Senecio - Silver Dormouse  £4

Buddleia Buzz (dwarf) Fuchsia Pink, £5.50  Violet  £7;   Buzz Mix  £8.50;  Buddleia Davidii Mixed £4

Forsythia Intermeadia - Bushy  £5.50

Betula Pendula - Silver Birch  £7

Berberis Atropurpurea  £4

Hydrangea Red Baron  £4

Griselinia Littoralis £4

Cytissus - Broom - Hollandia - Red/Yelow/Pink  £7

Cistus Purpurea or Alan Fradd  £4

Euonymus Europaea - Spindleberry  

Photinia Red Robin - A few in Good Order - Most damaged by illegal Cuttings. £7

Prunus Laurocerasus - Common Laurel  - Nice  £5.50 / £7

Prunus Laurocerasus Variegata  £5.50

Prunus ?   -  Bay Laurel  £4

Leucothoe Scarletta  - Switch Ivy  £5.50

Fagus Sylvatica - Common Green Beech - Large or Small £4 / ££8.50

Fagus Syl. Atropurpurea - Purple Beech  £7

Horse Chestnut  £5.50

Crataegus Monogyna  - Maythorn, Quickthorn  £4

Prunus Spinosus - Blackthorn  £5.50

Viburnum Lantana - Wayfarer Tree £7

Sorbus Aucuparia - Rowan - Mountain Ash  £7

Quercus - Oak £5.50

Robinia Psuedoacacia £10

Corylus Avellena - Hazel £5.50

Juglans Reglia - Walnut £15

Prunus Myrobalan - Cherry Plum £4

Fruit Trees          £15   to    £20

Apple £15 Apple Dual - Sunset Red and Golden Delicious £20

Cherry Morello or ? @ 15

Plum - Greengage @  £15

Plum - Victoria; Damson Merryweather @ £15  Plum Dual - Marjories's Seedling and ? @ £20

Pear Dual - Louise Bonne de Jersey and Conference £20

Patio Apple Red Spur or Gold Spur, Pear or  Cherry £15

FRUIT BUSHES      £4   to £8.50   Limited Availability

Raspberry Autumn Bliss /Autumn Gold £4  

x1 Blackcurrant

Bluberry Patriot £8.50

Gooseberry Green/Yellow £4

Lost Label Grape Vines £8.50

Gojaberry £5.50