Plant Listings and Price Guide

List as;-   Compost, Annual Basket Plants, Bedding Plants, Veg Plants, Fruit Bushes/Trees, Herbs, Perennials,  Alpines, Trees and Shrubs.


Sinclairs 60L General Purpose Compost                 £8.50      or      2   for   £15 

Ericaceous (Acid -  Rhodos/Camelias etc.)               £9          or     x  Ericaceous   +   1 x  Sinclairs G.P.   for   £15   

Veg Plants    £1.50      4   or more   £1. 25  each** 

Aubergine  ( Avail End May assuming seed emerges!)

Beans Broad Bunyard's Exhibition   or    The Dwarf Sutton         x3

Bean Runner Streamline                   or     Enorma                          x6 

Bean French Climbing     Hunter                                                      x6                                                     

Cucumber Marketmore  or  Marketer              -  Ridged Cucumber      

Cucumber Telegraph                                         -  Smooth  (Remove Male flowers to avoid bitterness)

Courgette Green Bush                                       -  Can be left to Develop into a Marrow

Courgette Nefryt F1 or Black Beauty 

Pea Kelvedon Wonder  or  Oregon Sugar Snap                          x3

Pepper Cayenne                                                 -  Red Chili Pepper

Pepper "Tequilla"                                                - Green to Red to Purple - hence Tequilla - Sweet, Block Pepper. Excellent results with this one last                                                                                   year - Great Flavour and Visually Stunning esp. in Salads

Sweet Peas   Assorted                                                                   x3

Sweetcorn Earlibird   or  Sweetcorn Minipop                             x3  

Tomato Cerise                                                   -  Small  Cherry (Avail. May)

Tomato  Tiny Tim  / **Tumbling Tom**        -  Small Tumbling Cherry **Tumbling Tom** is NOT included in the  offer. (Both Available Mid May)

Tomato Gardener's Delight                             -  Large Cherry

Tomato Roma Plum                                         - Standard Size Red, Plum Tomato  

Tomato First in the Field                                 -  Bush Tom. No pinching req. Standard Red,  Heavy Cropper  +  Good Flavour  (Available Mid May)

Tomato Moneymaker                                      -  Standard Red  (Alicante available  May)

Tomato Tigerella                                              -  Standard Size Red with Green Stripes - Great Flavour  (Available Mid  May)

Tomato Golden Sunrise                                  -  Golden Yellow Standard Size with Firmer Flesh ideal for Salads  (Available  May)

Tomato Super Marmande                              -  Large Irregular Beefsteak. (Available Mid May)

We do not grow root vegetables.

Annual Basket Plants:-   9cm  Plain  Pot  £2.75 / 8+  @  £ 2.25 .          9cm  Ridged  Pot  =  £2.25 / 8+  @  £2

10cm  Pot   £3 / 6+  @  £2.50             11cm "Trio" Pots    £5  /  4+  @  £ 4.50

All the plants @ Highwood are Grown on-site, thus you will find both mature plants and recently planted items available for sale:  ergo items listed "due wk....."   will need time to root. We recommend keeping them in their pots for 2-4wks until root development is visible, in warm, light conditions -  +10 degrees C minimum, maintain thorough watering but do NOT allow the plants to stand in water - this will rot the roots!

Zonal( Bush) and Ivy Leaf (Trailing) Geraniums - Ass. Colours  £2.75

Summer Twist Geraniums:-  Red/White Bi-Colour  or  White. (Petals are serrated - vigorous plants).  £3 

Interspecific 2 in 1 Zonal/Ivy Leaf X - Large, Vigorous,  Semi-Trailing-Bush Geraniums - Dk Red, Scarlet or Peach. £3

Regal Geranium Aristo:- Black Velvet,  White,  Mandarin,  Fabiola Pink/Burgundy or Burghi.   Candy Flowers White (+Purple splash) or Raspberry Red. £3

Scented Geranium Angel Eyes Bicolour (Citrus Perfume + Mageta + White Flower) £3

Argyranthemum (Crazy Daisy):-  'Day-Zee' Cream Pink  £2.75 

Argyranthemum Double Yellow or White, Burgundy Red Single (Classic Margerite) £3

Argyranthemum Grand Daisy Halo Pink = Large Pink Flr /Raspberry inner Halo + Accented Eye or  Everest = Large White Flr + Bronze Eye.  £3  

Anagallis Skylover - Intense Blue Star Shaped Flrs  £3

Bacopa Trio Abunda Colossal White x 3 Plants.  £5

Bacopa Snowflake Trailing.  £2.25

Bacopa - Trailing Abunda Colossal:- White, Pink or Blue.  Bacopa Dble Ballerina Snowball or Indigo.  Bacopa Golden Leaves (White Flr.)  £2.75

Begonia Non-Stop: - Bush - Mocca (Bronze Leaf) Red,   Green Leaf White,   "Fire" (Red and Orange/Yellow)  or Mixed. £2.75

Begonia Illumination Trailing:-  Scarlet, White, Apricot shades or Mixed.  £2.75

Begonia Majestic Mixed - "Side Plate" sized blooms.  Begonia Boliviensis - Semi /Trailing -Starshine Mixed.  £3

Bidens Trailing/Semi-Trailing:- Spicy Margarita, Sundrop Golden Yellow or Golden Eye (Cream into a  Golden Yellow centre) £2.75

Bidens Trio - 1 of each the above plants.  £5

Calibrachoa Trailing;-  Callisplosion Purple - Dp Magenta with Black Eye,  Aubergine Star - Lilac rimmed Purple Petals + Yellow  "Star" Stripes, Grape Crush - Speckled Purple with Off-White/Lime Splashes,  Sunlight (White + Yellow Eye) or Terracota.  £2.75

Cali. Trailing Can Can Doubles:-  Yellow,  Red, Blue, White,  Orangetastic - Apricot + Dp Orange Halo or Pinktastic - Rose + Rasp. Halo £2.75 

Dianthus (Pinks) Dinamic Dp Red, Violet, Peach, Pink / White Bicolour or  White. Dianthus Super Trooper Sorbet - Orange  £2.75  

Diascia Diamonds (Mounding Habit) Fuchsia Pink,  Deep Orange or White.  £2.75

Dichondra Emerald or Silver Falls - Trailing!. £2.75

Euphorbia Glamour £3

Felicia Amelloides Variegata. (30cm Bush with Lav. Blue Flowers and Striking Green/white Variegated Foliage.)  £2.75

Fuchsia Bush:- Insulinde (Koralle) - Long Apricot Flowers on Bronzed Foliage

Fuchsia Trailing:- Jollies Florac - White and Blue,  Marinka - Cerise,  LaCampanella - Pink Blush and Violet,  Pink Galore - 2 Tone Soft Pink or  Harry Gray - White

Fuchsia Hardy in the Perennial Listing    

Helichrysum Silver £3

Isotoma (aka Laurentiana) 'Fizz n Pop'  Pink or Purple, either 9cm Pot @ £2.75  or  10cm Pot @ £3

Lotus Berthelotti - Silver Fern-Like Foliage with Red Flowers - Trailing. £2.75

Lobelia Seed-Raised Packs listed under Bedding Plants

Lobelia Richardii - Trailing Sky Blue  (The Best in my opinion)  £2.25

Lobelia Waterfall - Trailing:-  Blue Ice (Dp Blue + White Eye) or  White Sparkle (Inc's an occassional tiny blue splash).  £2.75

Lysimachia Midnight Sun Trailing - Bronze Foliage/Golden Flowers or  Sunset Semi/Trailing - Green/Yellow Foliage + Golden Flowers.  £2.75

Lysimachia Aurea Trailing £2.25

Nepeta Grammilocks - Variegated Green and White Trailing Foliage.  £2.25

Osteospermum 3D Doubles:- Berry-Rose ( Blush Pink + Bronze Eye),  Lemon Ice  (Cream +Yellow Eye),  Pink Fun Bi-Colour ( Rose + Gold Striated),  Violet Ice (White + Blush Violet Eye) Eye),  Bluberry Shake ( White / Blush Pink + Purple Eye),  Pink or Purple. 

Osteo. Single -  Flower Power Purple Sun  (Orange Petals merging into a Violet Eye).  £2.75

Osteospermum Singles Mixed:- Berries and Cream (Whites, Pinks, Purples) or Sunset Shades (Reds, Oranges, Yellows) £2.25

Petchoa's - All the advantages of Calibrachoas (Non-sticky, Good Weatherability, Drier Tolerance) with the Impact of Surfinia Type Petunias. Semi-Trailing/Lax Bush Habit:-

French Vanilla - Accented Brown Eye and Veining,  Caramel Yellow  - Golden Yellow with Caramel Veining, Cinnamon - Ranging thru Mauve to Bronze Hues and Sunray - Fuchsia Pink.  £2.75  (Bordeux Dp Burgundy due wk17)

Petunia Trailing Indian Summer - Shades of Oranges/Salmons/Yellows on the same Plant. Petunia Amore Queen of Hearts  - Cream with Fuchsia Pink Blocks forming "Heart" shapes on petals.

Petunia Semi-Trailing "Skys:-" (aka Constellations)  - Lightening Sky - Burgundy,  Nightsky  - Dark Blue,  Glacier Sky- Purple or Circus Sky (aka Babydoll) - Bubblegum Pink. All with varying levels of white splashes, splodges or blocks.

Petunia Mounding - Fiona Flash- 2 Tone Velvet Red,  Miss Marvellous -2 Tone Deep Purple and Dusky Pink, Johnny Flame - 2 Tone Burgundy and Wine - almost black.

Petunia Tumbelina Doubles:- Diana White,  Inga Red,  Priscilla Dk Lavender Veined and Scented,  Raphaella Soft Pink,  Sophia Sky Blue and Scented or  Superstar - Cream Rimmed Violet.  £2.75

Portulaca Happy Trails Mixed 7cm Pot @ £1

Surfinia Petunia Trailing:- Dk Blue, Giant purple (Magenta tone,) Hot Pink, Vic. Yellow or Blue Vein ( Lavender Blush + Violet Veining -Scented)

Saureja  -  Indian Mint  - Heavily Trailing, Mint Scented, Dark Green foliage Plants with Insignificant White Flowers.

Verbena Trailing Mixed Red, White or Blue. £2.75

Verbena Trio Mix  - 1 each of above  :- Deep Red, White and Midnight Blue/Purple.   £5

Due over next few weeks:  Cuphea Tornado,  Sanvitallia,  Scaevola Senetia, Torenia.  

Bedding Plants:-       £2.50 Per Tray       Any  5 x Trays   or   More  @ £2

Geranium Palladium Hot and Spicy Mix x 5    -  Reds, Oranges and Salmon.

Geranium Pallladium Candy Floss Mix  x 5     -  Pinks, Lilacs, White and/or Pink Bi-Colour.

Due over next few weeks until May:- Antirrhinums, Alyssum, Begonias,  Dahlias, Gazanias, Impatiens- Busy Lizzies,  Lobelias, Mesembryanthemum- (Livngstone Daisy), Marigolds, Mimulus. Petunia, Pansy. Zinnia

FRUIT BUSHES:-          3L   Pots     =   £5.50  -   £8.50

Blackberry- Morton or Waldo Thornless, Loch Ness, Ouachita, Bedford Giant and Darts Black Cascade

Blueberry - Jumbo, Patriot, Blue Crop and Legacy

Currants - Black - Ben Conan and Wellington,  Redcurrant and Whitecurrant

Cranberry   - Low Stocks

Grape Vines - Lost label dessert grapes. SOLD OUT

Gooseberry;  Green- Invicta, Red- Hinnonmaki and Yellow - Hinnonmaki  (Less tart than Green Gooseberries) 



Mulberry - Morus Nigra

Raspberry;- Glen Dee, Autumn Bliss, Malling Admiral, Cascade Delight and Polka

Rhubarb - almost sold out ( Champagne and Glaskin's Perpetual emerged as Seedlings - Anticipate availability approx end May)

Strawberry Albion, Ensanta (Pink Flrs), Honeoye, Polka   2L Pots   @  £4

Tayberry  (Sweeter than Loganberry)


Apple Bramley,   Sunset,   

Cherry Morello or Dwarf Kordia Patio 

Damson Merryweather _ Check Availability

Ficus - Fig- Brown Turkey  £7

Pear Duo - Conference and Louise Bonne de Jersey ( Cross Pollinators) £20

Plum Victoria  £15

Plum Duo = Marjorie's Seedling/Cambridge Greegage £20

Prunus Myrobalan - Cherry Plum £4

HERBS:-             £3  x  11/2L  Pots             £4 x 2L Pots

Borage  2L

Fennel Commom or Bronze  2L

Feverfew  11/2L   

French Tarragon  2L

Hyssopus - Pink 2L

Mace 2L

Majoram 11/2L

Mint Spearmint, Pepper, Eau de Cologne, Ginger (Variegated) 2L

Oregano Common,  Hot 'n' Spicy or Variegated 11/2L

Rosemary Officionalis  2L

Sage Commom, Purple or Tricolour 2L

Thyme Silver Posie, Citrodina Golden Queen or Lemon Variegated 11/2L

PERENNIALS:-      £3  -  £8.50      (  Majority  =  2L Pots  @  £4  / 6+  @ £3.50    or     3L  Black Pots  @ £5.50 /  6+  @ £4.50)       ANY  Combination of   6 or more    x3L Pots   are discounted by £1 each. 

We reserve the right to change the pot size/cost without notice.  Unless stated only the pot size and price listed is available.

Plants marked "Available May/June" are not due to arrive until Wk. 18;  thus available from mid May  - will require 3-4weeks to root.

Aconitum N.  Album  £4

Asters:- N.B. Sarah, Marie, Patricia Ballard and Purple Dome; Little Carlow: N.A. Alma Potschke, Sky Slue: Ageratoides Ashvi;  Monch possibly avail Autumn. All 3L Black @ £5.50

Agapanthus Africanus White, Blue  and  Headborne Hybrids. 3L Black @ £5.50 or A. Purple Cloud 3L Tan £7....

Alliums assorted £4 or £5.50 Inc:- Caeruleum, Christophii,, White Cloud 

Actea - see Cimcifuga

Astrantia Major, Maxima, and Major Rubra; plus assorted lost labels. 3L Black @ £5.50 or 3L tan @£7

Alstromeria Inca:- Vito, Sundance, Goal, Sweety.  3L Black @ £5.50  A. Indian Summer 3L Green/Taupe @ £8.50 and Sweet Laura  3L Tan @ £7

Anemone huphensis Whirlwind, Honorine Jorbert, Andrea Atkinson, Queen Charlotte (Konign Charlotte) and. Praecox £7.

Aquilegia vulgaris Swan Mix, Blue/White, Red/White, Yellow/Pink, Green Apples. 1 1/2L Green or 2L @£4.....

Aquilegia Blk Barlow, Bordeaux and Christa  £4 - due April/ May

Aeonium Schwarkopf. £4

Aloe Vera. £4

Asphodeline Alba £4  Poor

Alcea Chaters Double Mix due  April/ May

Bergenia Cordifolia   £4  Overture, Bressingham  or Alba.  £5.50

Brunnera Looking Glass and Morse. 3L tan @ £7 or Green @ £8.50

Cannas - Madame Angelique, Black Knight, Durban or Semaphore @ £7 

Campanula:- Punctata Sarastro, ; Latifolia  Lodden Anna/ Pritchars Variety;  Persicifolia Blue or White Wedding Day: £4  Pyramidalis. £5.50

Convolvulus Cneoreum £4

Centuarea Breeders Mix, Dealbata or Montana Alba. £4

Coreopsis American Dream.  £4  Coreopsis Lanceolata Sterntaler £3

Cimcifuga (actea) Racemosa  @ £5.50, Black Negligee  @£7.

Centranthus Rubra Pretty Betsy  £4

Delphs -avail April/May;- Blue Diamonds (hh) Black Knight, King Arthur, Astolat, Galahad, Summer Skies and Guardian Blue or Lavender £4

Dahlia Gardenetta Fireball or Ice. Shiva or Yogi

Dicentra Spectablis, S. Alba £5.50  Dicentra Valentine £7

Digitalis Excelsior Hybrids, Dalmatian Peach,  Helen of Troy - avail April May £4

Dianella Tas Red  ( Think Red Flushed Phormium Stem with Clusters of Tiny Intense Violet Berry-Like Flrs- Vigorous) £5.50 or £10

Dianthus Doris - Salmon, Haytor - White,  Valentine - Deep Red,   Burgundy/White Bi-Colour. £4

Eremurus (Foxtail Lily) Cleopatra Orange or Ruiters Hybrids Mix. £7

Echeveria Glauca £4

Echinacea Pupurea,  Cheyenne Spirit Mix, Doppel Ganger, Mellow Yellows, Green Twister, Magnus Superior, Lucky Star - White  =  £4

Echinacea:-  Milkshake,  Marmalade  £7

Euphorbia Mellifera   £5.50, Polychroma  Purpurea or  Ascot Rainbow £4 

Erigeron Glauca Sea Breeze Lilac.£3   Sold Out.

Erysimum Bowles Mauve,  Variegata (cuttings not yet rooted) or Spring Breeze Copper £4

Eryngium Neptune's Gold £5.50 , E. Planum ' £4. Jade Frost (Tricolour Mint Green/Pink/Cream Foliage) £7

Filipendula Venusta  - (Large Bronzed Maple-Like Leaf with erect stems bearing Fat, Fluffy, Pink flower Spikes.)  £5.50

Fuchsia Macrophylla, Ricartonii, Purple Mountain; Water Nymph, A. Hoffman, Beacon, Brutus, Delta Sarah, Dollar Princess, Garden News, Gennii and Tom West

Grasses,  , Carex Blue Zinger and Buchananii, Stipa Tenuissima - Pony Tails  or  Stipa Arundinacea - Pheasant grass =  £4

Stipa Gigantea ( Poor)  £7

Gaillardia Mesa Bi-colour due April /May

Geranium Johnsons Blue, Patricia, Anne Folkard, Fay Anna (Bronzed Foliage), Blue Blood, Tiny Monster,  £5.50;   Rozanne,  Cloud 9 or  Plenum  £7;

Geranium Tess; Rosemoor. Versicolour £4   Sanguinem  and S. Alba  £3

Gaura The Bride, RosyJayne, Variegated. £4

Gem Koi, Geum Blazing Sunset; £4.  G. Mrs Bradshaw and Lady Stratheden  £3  due April/May

Helenium Salud Embers due May/June £4

Heuchera Forever Purple, Yellowstone Falls - Poor, Redstone Falls - Poor, Cutie in Lime, Can Can, Cherry Cola, Venus, Green Spice, Silver Gumdrops, Marmalade. £5.50  Neptune £4

Heliopsis Bleeding Heart due April/ May

Incarvillea Delavayi Pink or Alba -White. £4

Iliama. - Think Delph Leaf meets Campanula Flower - Lilac £4

Iris Germanica Edith Wolford, Festive Skirt, Frost and Flame, Joyce Terry, Nightfall, Supreme Sultan and Wonders Never Cease, Rimfire, Immortality, Pumpkin Cheesecake, Orange Chariot and Frappe. £5.50

Kniphofia Uvaria, Orange Popsicle;  £4;  Caulescens John May's Form x 1 left £5.50.  Royal Candles due April/May £4

Lupin Russell Chandelier- Yellow, Chatelaine - Pink, Noble Maiden - White, The Governor - Blue, The Pages - Cerise/ Red and My Castle - Brick Red: some avail now - most April/may   £4  or  £5.50 

Lavatera lost labels, Rosea, Burgundy Wine or Barnsley baby - almost sold out. £5.50.  Lavatera Rosea and Maritima due May

Lilies Orientale Pink, White, Yellow,  Everest - White  £4

Lathyrus Vernus - Everlasting Sweet Pea  £4

Lavender Angustifolia Hidcote,  Rosea,  Ellegance White,  Imperial Gem (Dp. Purple) and Variegated. Munstead due May  £4

Lobelia Starship:- Blue.    £4             Burgundy, Dp Rose,  or  Bronze Leaf/Scarlet (Queen Vic)  Due May/June

Lychnis Vesuvius and Coronaria due April/May  £4

Leucanthemum Madonna, Bananas and Cream and Crazy Daisy Superbum  due April/May. Also Oxeye Daisy - Leucanthemum Vulgaris £4

Macleaya Cordata - Plume Poppy. - Think Large, Buff Poppy Leaves meet pampas Feather - 6-8'. £5.50 

Mathiosella Bupleroides Green Dream.- Think Angelica leaf  meets Euphorbia Flower £5.50 

Melitis Royal Distinction. £8.50

Monarda Cambridge Scarlet and Croftway Pink £4

Mukdenia Karasouba £4

Nepeta Catararia - Catnip, Racemosa, Six Hills Giant. £4 N. Nervosa Blue Moon and Pink Cat due April/May

Osteospermum Tresco Purple (FH) and assorted HH colours/doubles - See Annuals Listing

Papaver Orientale Mixed,  Papaver Tango - think eschscholtzia - Californian poppy - taller, bluer leaf. £4

Paeonia:- Mixed or Lactiflora Pink £7.   Lactiflora Red, L. White or Sebatian Maas.  £8.50.   Top Brass - Pink, Cream + Yellow  - 4L Pot  £10

Physallis Franchetti Gigantea £4

Phlox Paniclata Assorted inc David - pure White; Red, Blue, Grenadine Dream and Franz Schubert. £4

Polygonatum Humile £4;  Varifolium. £5.50

Primula Beesiana; Japonicas Ass inc Millers Crimson, Moreanna £4   P. Viallii and Auricula Mix  £3  due April/May

Penstemon Snow Storm, Czar, Burgandy. P. Sour Grapes, and Firebird   £4

Pulmonaria Trevi Fountains and Shrimps on the Barbie due April/May  £5.50

Potentilla Argrophylla - Yellow+ Orange Eye, Miss Willmott - Raspberry + Red Eye and Monarch's Velvet - Blood Red -£4

Pulsatilla Vulgaris  Red, Purple or White  £3

Oenothera Siskyou Pink or Oenothera Primrose Yellow £4  

Ophiopogon Nigrescens - Lily turf - aka - Black grass £4                         

Rodgersia Chocolate Wings £7

Rudbeckia Goldstrum avail April/May.    £4   R. Herbstone  £5.5.0    R. Prarie Sun, Beckyfun Alicia and Mia  due June. 

Scabious  Fama White - Low £4   Kudos- Low  £5.50   Scabios Atro. Blue due May

Salvia Macrophylla Blackcurrant Sage;, Embers Wish, Wendy's Wish; £4

Salvia Nemerosa Blue or Rose Queen £3

Salvia  Guaranica Black and Blue:  Amistaad- V. Low ;  Uglinosa Sky High Blue- 6'. £5.50 

Sedum Herbstfreude - Autumn joy, Purple Emperor or Munstead Red £4

Silene Sparkling Rose £5.50

Smilacina Racemosa - Thimk Huge Convallaria Leaf with Open Ivory Astilbe Flower £5.50

Tiarella Pink Sky Rocket  £5.50  Appalachian Trails - Poor  £5.50

Thalictrum Rochebrianum,  Alba,  Flavum Glaucum. £5.50

Teucrium Chaemadrys - Germander £3  Hiercanium y £3

Tradescantia  X Andersonniana:- Gold 'n' Blue, Purple, Ocean Sky blue  £4

Uvularia Flavum Glaucum - Yellow Fairy Bells .£4

Veronica  Moody Blue. £4 V. Longifolia Blue or Rose £4

Veronicastrum  Adoration £7

Verbascum Blatts White and Chaixii 16 Candles due April/May

Verbena Bonariensis, Santos. Due April/May

Zantedeschia - Calla Lily -  Aethiopa, £4

ALPINES:-      1L POTS       £2.50  -  10  or more  £2 each

Aethionema Grandiflora

Aubretia Katie - Purple Blue, or Mixed

Arenaria Montana and M. Avalanche; Pupurescens

Armeria Splendens Dp Rose,  S. Alba and S. Pink Blush

Arabis Coburgii Variegata - White Flr, Coburgii Alba - Think Mounding white Aubretia!

Campanula Clips Blue or White; Dickson's Gold or (Pinkins - 1.5l Pot @£3).

Delosperma J.o.D. Rosequartz, Cooperii, Sutherlandii, Congestum

Dracocephalum Blue or White.

Erigeron Karvinskianos Profusion.

Erodium Bishops's Form -Pink or White, E. Flore Pleno - Double Rose

Gypsophila Ageratoides - Spreading White

Helianthemum Wisley Primrose, BenMohr - Bt. Orange, Fireball - Blood Red and The Bride - White + Yellow Eye due April/May

Iberis - Candytuft- Sempervirens, S. Golden Candy.

Lampranthus Red, Orange, Purple, Pink or White/Yellow

Leontopodium - Eidelweiss - Matterhorn.

Mazus Reptans Alba

Geranium Nigrescens- Bronze Foliage/white flr; Ger. Incana - violet.

Pratia Pendunculata White; Country Park Blue

Penstemon Mersea yellow.

Primrose Vulgaris, V. Hall Barn Blue.

Phlox Subulata Alba£3,  Emerald Cushion £3, Red Wings, Candy Stripe £3. Douglasii Red Admiral.

Saponaria Occymoides  (Tumbling Ted) - Pink or White

Scabiosa Ritz Blue or Pink Dome

Sedum Coccineum, Tricolour, Kamschaticum/Variegata, Cappa Blanca, Choco Balls, Sea Stars. Spath. Purpureum due April/May

Saxifraga Mossy Red Shades or Mossy White, Whitehall, Cuniefolia Variegata, Urbium - London Pride.

Silene Schafta - Pink; Druett's Variegated (foliage) - White Flr.

Teucrium Chaemadrys - Germander

Veronica Prostrata Delft Blue, Purple Haze, Georgina Blue

Vinca Minor: V. Minor Variegata

SHRUBS:-    £4 - £10

Brachyglotis - Senecio - Silver Doormouse £4

Buddleia Davidii - Assorted £5.50

Buddleia Buzz - Dwarf Fuchsia Pink, Violet Or Mix £8.50

Camelia Red £8.50

Cistus Purpurea £4

Convolvulus Cneoreum  £4

Cytissus Hollandia - Red/Ivory Broom £7

Euonymus Emerald Gaiety Or Emerald and Gold  £4

Leucothoe Scarletta £5.50

Nandina Domestica Gulf Stream  £10

Rhododendron Moorheim £7

Sarcococca Confusa £8.50

Viburnum Tinus  £4

 HEDGING / TREES       Fr: £4    -    £20

Amelanchier Lanarkii  £7 SOLD OUT

Beech -Fagus Sylvatica - Common Green beech £4 / £8.50. F. Syl. Atropurpurea - Purple Beech £7

Birch - Betula Pendula - Silver Birch £5.50,  B. Jaquemontii - Himalayan White Birch; B. Youngii- Weeping Birch £20  ALL SOLD OUT

Berberis Atropurpurea  £4

Blackthorn - Prunus Spinossus 

Ceanothus Skylark - Californian Lilac £8.50

Chestnut -Aesculus Hippocastenum -  Horse Chestnut £5.50

Cornus - Dogwood:- Ellegantissima- Silver Dogwood £?, Golden Variegated £10, Flaviramea - Yellow Dogwood £?, Midwinter Fire - Orange,

Cornus Nigra - Black Dogwood £?

Elder - Sambucus Nigra - Common - £7, S. Nigra Aurea - Golden Elder -£7 or S. Nigra Black Beauty £8.50

Euonymus Europaea - Spindleberry £7

Forsythia Intermeadia £7 

Gingko Biloba £?

Guelder Rose - Viburnum Opulus Roseum £4

Hydrangea Red Baron £4 

Hawthorn (Maythorn/Quickthorn) - Crataegus Monogyna £4

Hornbeam (Carpinus Betula) £?

Lilac- Syringa Vulgaris £4 - £10

Laurel Common - Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifolia £7,  Bay Laurel  £4 or P. Variegata £5.50

Liquidamber Styraciflua £20

Magnolia Souleangea, Susan, George Henry Kem or Stellata Star.  £8.50

Oak - Quercus Robur -English Oak  £5.50 - £10

Photinia Red Robin - £8.50

Robinia Pseudoacacia - False acacia £10

Salix Tristis -Weeping Willow. Salix vulgaris- Common Willow. Salix Integra Nishiki Hakura - Flamingo Willow.

Tamarix Tetrandra - Poor.

Viburnum Lantana - Wayfarer Tree £!0 / £15

Corylus Avellena - Hazel £5.50 SOLD OUT

Juglans Reglia - Walnut £15